Digital Security Camera GuardCam MG983G-30M

GuardCam MG983G-30M

The Guardcam MG 983G-30M is our high end Surveillance/Monitoring camera with two way communication you are able to contact the camera and ask it to send you a real time image (with this communication it makes it possible to monitor water troughs, feed bins, sheds, work sites and anything else you might need to see from anywhere in Australia that has 3G Mobile coverage)

The MG 983G-30M also has the ability to take time lapse photos from one minute, up to an 8 hour time frame. The camera can also be controlled from your Smart phone by downloading an App.
As with all our cameras the MG 983G-30M has BLACK LIGHT IR, making photo taking invisible to the Naked eye of a night.
Once triggered off motion will download the image to the SD card and also transmit the image to your mobile phone or computer.
The GuardCam MG 983G-30M is compatible with Australia’s major phone provider TELSTRA using the 3G network, all that is needed by you is a valid sim card from TELSTRA and mobile phone coverage where the camera is positioned.

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