Southern Cross Distributors have marketed the digital Guard Cam surveillance cameras for the past 8 years. Over this period of time over 2000 units have been purchased by Businesses, Property Owners, Councils, Government Departments etc., for a variety of uses from Security Monitoring to Animal Observations.

Camera surveillance has developed over the years from a very basic video camera storing captured footage on a tape or DVD. In recent times it has evolved into a specialist industry with many varied applications.

Our initial objective was finding surveillance cameras for our own uses, one suitable for both day and night surveillance. At the time none were available for any less that $1,500, which prompted us to seek out a camera that was a more cost effective alternative with emphasis on quality, reliability and was user friendly but still had the technical specifications of the more expensive cameras.

The original surveillance cameras were imported from the United States where they are used extensively mainly for animal observation and hunting. Over the past 4 years since we have been marketing the product, many improvements have been implemented including Compact Size, Faster Trigger Times, Improved Resolution and SD Card Capacity and In-Camera photo and video image viewing.

With the MG983G-30M, the images can also be transmitted to your mobile or email address.

The Guard Cam digital security camera provides great surveillance for Domestic, Rural and Professional applications at a reasonable price.

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